Acorns Review 2024 [Guide for College Students and Recent Grads]

Let’s be real: Investing in the stock market as a beginner can be… tricky. But it’s also one of the best ways to build wealth–especially if you start when you’re young! 

So, if the idea of using an investing app like Acorns is exciting to you, we completely understand! The Acorns app makes it easy to start investing with very little money and a basic understanding of how the stock market works.


It’s also not your only option for a beginner-friendly investing app. That’s why, in this Acorns review, we’ll be helping you decide whether you want to use Acorns to invest by looking at:

  • How the Acorns app works
  • The major pros and cons of Acorns
  • Whether Acorns is a good choice for college students and recent grads

Disclaimer: Now, it’s important you know the information we’ll share here is meant to be educational only. It should not be taken as financial advice. For that, you’ll need to speak to a professional financial advisor. Our blog posts may also contain affiliate links that, at no cost to you, may earn us a small commission.

But if you decide you do want to give Acorns a try, we’ll also walk you through how to sign up for Acorns and begin using the platform to invest. But, first, let’s talk a little bit more about…

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