Stash App Review [Guide for 18-34 Year Old Investing Beginners]

What Do You Need to Open an Account on the Stash App?

Does Stash sound like a good way for you to start investing? Awesome! But, first, make sure you meet the basic eligibility requirements to open an account:  

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Be a U.S. citizen, permanent U.S. resident, or holder of certain U.S. visa types 
  • Have an active checking account

How to Sign Up for Stash 

You can open an account on Stash today and begin investing this week! Here’s everything you need to do to open your account in around 30 minutes.

Step 1 – Download The Stash App

You can download the Stash app and open an account on Stash’s website

Step 2 – Click Get Started And Provide Your Details 

When opening your Stash account, you’ll be asked to share your:

  • Email address 
  • Cell phone number 
  • Mailing address
  • Social security number 
  • Pre-tax annual income 

This information is used to verify your identity and set up your Stash account.  

Step 3 – Select Your Subscription Plan 

Next, you need to select which of the Stash subscription plans best meets your investment  goals. 

As a reminder, Stash Growth costs $3/month, and Stash+ costs $9/month. You can pay for the subscription using a credit or debit card.

Currently, Stash is also offering new users the 1st month free! They also will give you a $5 bonus credit to put toward buying stock in companies like Apple or Tesla.

Step 4 – Answer Questions About Your Investing Goals And Risk Tolerance

Next, Stash will ask you to create your investment profile. To start, the app will ask you questions about:

  • Your employment status 
  • Your estimated net worth 
  • Your tax filing status for this year 
  • Whether you’re currently saving for retirement 
  • How much experience you have with investing 
  • How much risk you want to take while investing 
  • When you plan to withdraw the money you invest 

They’ll use your answers to all of those questions to provide recommendations as you build your investment portfolio.

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